Fully automatic filling and sealing machine.

Output capacity:
30 to 60 cups per minute

Powder, granulated, pieces, paste, and liquid

Full Description

The NB-70 is a fully automatic machine for filling and sealing of cups with pre-formed lids or membrane cut directly from a roll. The machine operates a rotary platform driven by an analogue engine.

The NB-70 machines are equipped with cup feeding and ejecting stations, filling units, lids feeding and sealing. The machine is operated by a computerized control system PLC.

Machine features:

  • Exceptional versatility enables the machine to fill a wide range of liquid and paste products
  • The machine is designed to be customized for various cup sizes and shapes
  • Economically priced for high quality finished product makes this machine a great value
  • Fast, easy and efficient operation that can be performed by one operator
  • PLC waterproof Control System

Container Closing Systems:

  • Pre-die, cut lids sealing system (aluminum or other material)
  • Container sealing with a membrane cut from a roll
  • Plastic lids Pick and Place system
  • Plastic lids Spinning Roll system

Additional Options:

  • Additional filling heads for different products
  • Shapes and sizes coding device
  • Discharge conveyor
  • Gas flushing system
  • Safety guarding