Fully automatic, servo driven, linear filling, sealing, and capping of pre-formed containers.

Output capacity:
80 to 300 cups per minute

Powder, granulated, pieces, paste, liquid and more.

Full Description

The fully automatic PXG machines are equipped with highly versatile fillers, sealers, and cappers that allow the machine to produce a wide variety of products.
This design flexibility allows Packline to satisfy different applications to meet your packaging needs. The fillers can be fitted with a CIP (Clean-In-Place) system for fully automatic washing of the fillers.
The machine can seal pre-cut lids or membranes cut directly from a roll. All PXG machines are controlled by a PLC to ensure fast and smooth operation of all the components. PXG machines can be designed to work with different container shapes and izes,
and the changeover is fast and easy.

Filler Options

Pneumatic piston filler for liquid, paste and salads

Mechanical piston filler for liquid, paste and salads

Servo driven filler for granulated, paste or liquid

Auger fillers for powder products

Multi head scale system

Garnish fillers


Additional Systems for filler

PLC controlled system for quantity regulation

Weight checker providing feedback to the fillers

Clean-In-Place system (CIP)

Cut-ff nozzle

Suck back nozzle

Container Closing Systems

Pre-die, cut lids sealing system (aluminum or other

Container sealing with a membrane cut from a roll

Plastic lids Pick and Place system

Plastic lids Spinning Roll system

Additional Options

Container MAP system: creation of modified residual oxygen level equals
to 0.3-0.4%

Fast change over system to different container types and sizes

Extension of the discharging conveyer

Link to exterior computer for information transfer designed to assist in
the machine function

Labeling and box packaging equipment integration

Varying data coding devices

All the
food contact parts and areas are made from stainless steel. The machine is
manufactured using stainless steel, anodized aluminum and plastic, all of which
conform to CE, FDA, 3A standards for food grade materials